Project Retreat Forward
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About Retreat Forward

Stefanie D. Warren, Inspired Dreamer

I became inspired with Project Retreat Forward in May 2013. It started with saving and planning for a six-month journey around the world (departed in March 2016), and grew into a launching pad for a completely different way of life.

Retreat Forward: American Road Trip is a continunation of my round-the-world travels, this time exploring the wonders of my home country from the comfort of a 36' motorhome.

I chose the name Retreat Forward to describe my vision of personal growth through new experiences and pushing boundaries, while enjoying comfort and relaxation. I crave exploration of the unknown and I have the courage to take bold actions... but at the end of a long day of adventuring, I really want a comfy bed in peaceful and beautiful surroundings. 

My philosophy is to go forward into the world to experience all that I can, then retreat to relax and rejuvenate for tomorrow's adventures. Repeat indefinitely!

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