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I became inspired with Project Retreat Forward in May 2013. I was over-stressed and dissatisfied with my cubicle/condo lifestyle, so I set out to change my life based on authentically living my values and passions.

I chose the name Retreat Forward to describe my vision of personal growth through new experiences and pushing boundaries, while still enjoying comfort and relaxation. Moving forward in life takes a lot of courage. Retreating means meeting my needs for comfort, quiet, and solitude so that I can replenish the strength and stamina I need to face tomorrow's challenges.

Retreat Forward: Embracing the World was my six-month solo journey around the Earth. The process of planning where to go when the entire planet is an option is truly mind-expanding, and the journey itself brought so many new experiences and friendships. Freeing myself from the daily grind also led me to dream up new ideas for building my future.

Retreat Forward: American Road Trip was a continunation of my round-the-world travels, this time  exploring the wonders of my home country from the comfort of a 36' motorhome. As an unexpected bonus, this part of the journey included meeting Dave (aka TwoDog) who is now my partner on this wild adventure we call life. After "boondocking" together in our RVs for a year, an intriguing opportunity became open to us.

Retreat Forward: The Refuge is the third and most current chapter in the story, wherein we buy rural acerage and start up a homestead. Veggie gardens, chicken coop, honey bees, goats and who knows what else are on the list to build a self-sustaining lifestyle on our little slice of paradise. And then we want to share it! Also on the list are awesome places around the propety to get comfy and enjoy the beautiful nature, such as guest campsites, the outdoor Fire Lounge, and a luxury bathhouse.

Retreat Forward: Embracing the World

Retreat Forward: American Road Trip

Retreat Forward: The Refuge

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