Project Retreat Forward

Yoda and Winky

Sugar Gliders

Sugar gliders are marsupials native to Australia, but these two cuties were born in the USA. They are nocturnal, which means that they mostly sleep during the day and are active at night.

Gliders are omnivores and will happily eat almost anything, but Yoda and Winky get a scientifically balanced diet of protein nectar with fresh fruits and veggies every night.

But what makes them so darn cute? They each have distinctly different personalities, and they're so curious about everything. It takes a while to build trust with these nearly wild creatures, but it's so worth the time and effort!

Yoda is an adventurous explorer and has a talent for finding his way into trouble. Winky is a sweet and cautious soul, but she’ll follow Yoda into his adventures after he shows her the way.

Suggie Madness!